Volunteers' Background Check for Youth Serving Organizations Instructions

The background check is an online process. Instructions on how to complete the online form follow:

Go to the website instantverificationinc.com This link opens a new window. You may toggle back to this page if you need to refer back to the instructions.

1. On the home page scroll down and click on Volunteer Coaches,

2. Click on UNIVERSAL VOLUNTEER FINGERPRINT FORM PDF. It then takes you to the page needed to print. Print this form.

3. Fill out the form with the below information. Some boxes have been auto-populated for you.

4. Close out the form, then click on the IDENTO GO icon, under NEW APPOINTMENT click START HERE.

5. Under New Enrollment fill out the boxes as indicated below:

   -Box 1: Originating Agency Number: NJ920610Z - YOUTH SERVING ORGANIZATION

   -Box 2: Category: YSB

   -Box 3/4: Statute/Reason for Printing: Only one option appears (15A:3A-1 Youth Serving Organization)

   -Box 5: Document Type: Only one option VBI

   -Box 7: Contributors Case Number U16002 (Andover/Newton ID#)

   -Box 8: Misc. LEAVE BLANK

   -HIT CONTINUE. Verify your info and then continue with your payment and schedule your appointment.. The facility is located in Sparta..