2021 Trash and Recycling Information

Brush Pickup

Spring brush collection will begin the week of April 5th through the week of April 26th. While there is no fee for this service, we require that you sign up for collection in order to more efficiently schedule pick-ups. Please note the following: Brush, including, but not limited to, all branches and bulky tree limbs will be collected by the Department of Public Works once in the month of April and once in the month of October, weather permitting, if deposited in ONE 4’x4’x6’ pile PER HOUSEHOLD, with cut ends facing the road placed at the street curb, if one exists. However, if a curb does not exist, the brush shall be deposited in ONE 4’x4’x6’ pile PER HOUSEHOLD, with cut ends facing the road, placed near the street pavement but not on the street pavement itself. In no event shall the brush be placed closer than ten (10) feet from any storm drain inlet. The following items will NOT be collected: leaves, grass clippings, vines, bamboo, bedding plants, stumps, tall landscape grasses or anything containing thorns. NOTE: Brush pick up is for our residents’ convenience when clearing away overgrown trees and bushes, or when storm damage occurs. Any commercially cut trees or bushes causing an abundance of brush will not be picked up by our DPW crew. The SCMUA Recycling Center located on Rte. 94 in Lafayette is available to all residents. The phone number is 973-579-6998.

Leaf Pickup

The month of November. Must be in brown paper bags or other biodegradable bags.

Christmas Tree Drop-Off

During the Month of January, trees should be brought to the lower parking lot at Hillside Park, Lake Iliff Road. When weather permits, the trees will be chipped into mulch and will be available to all residents. Christmas trees will not be picked up curbside.

Waste Oil Drop-Off

The last Friday of each month between the hours of 8 AM and 10 AM at the Municipal Garage (upper parking lot). The dates are only changed if a holiday falls on the last Friday.

Plastic Bags

Plastic Bags should not be thrown out in trash or with recyclables. They can be recycled at most grocery and department stores.


BULK: 350-pound limit. TRASH: Limit of two (2) 32-gallon containers.


Bundle together and tie or put in a container. Cardboard, Newspapers, Magazines, Junk Mail/Paper, Food, and tissues boxes. See calendar for pickup schedule.


Glass, Plastic, Aluminum, Tin, and wax-coated containers. See calendar for pickup schedule.

Appliance and Metal Pickup

Freon must be removed. Call to schedule pick-up the last Wednesday of each month.


Sussex County Municipal Utility Authority     scmua.org


SCMUA has successfully instituted a Styrofoam recycling program. Sussex County residents can bring Styrofoam to the SCMUA for recycling. At this time Styrofoam cannot be put with commingled recycling, so if you don’t want to make the trip to SCMUA, Styrofoam will continue to be put with household trash (even if there is a recycling triangle on it).

Rechargeable Battery Recycling

Rechargeable batteries (Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, Li-ion, Ni-Zn, small sealed lead less than 11 lbs.) can be recycled at the SCMUA.

Non-rechargeable Single-Use Batteries

When primary cell/non-rechargeable (AA, AAA, C, D, 6V, 9V, 1.5V) batteries are discharged, it is appropriate to put them in the trash or bring them to the SCMUA for disposal.

Please note: Batteries will no longer be accepted at the municipal building.

Paper Shredding

Third Friday of every month at the SCMUA from 9AM to 12PM; $6 minimum, no limits, cash or checks only.

Mixed Rigid Plastics (MRP)

Storage containers, tubs, shelving, toys (houses, cars, trikes), buckets, crates, laundry baskets, and lawn furniture can be brought to the SCMUA. Material is weighed and SCMUA charges a disposal fee.

Tires and Construction Debris

Must be brought to the SCMUA. It is not in the township contract with the hauler, so it will not be picked up at the curb. However, if you are replacing a broken sink or toilet, that can be put at the curb.


Not to be put curbside—Must be properly recycled. The SCMUA (Sussex County Municipal Utility Authority in Lafayette) and all landfills have been notified by the state that landfill disposal of electronics is prohibited (NJ mandate effective: January 1, 2011).

SCMUA periodically offers free e-cycle days. If electronics are brought to the landfill any other time, the weight of the item(s) will determine the cost. NJ DEP has an “E-cycling” website: state.nj.us/dep/dshw/recycling/ewaste.html

2021 Pickup Schedule

Click here for printable schedule.

Date Day Type Pickup


Christmas Tree Dropoff

Jan. 5 Tuesday Comingled
Jan. 6 Wednesday Trash, Bulk
Jan. 12 Tuesday Fiber
Jan. 13 Wednesday Trash, Bulk
Jan. 19 Tuesday Comingled
Jan. 20 Wednesday Trash, Bulk
Jan. 26 Tuesday Fiber
Jan. 27 Wednesday Trash, Bulk, Metal


Feb. 2 Tuesday Comingled
Feb. 3 Wednesday Trash, Bulk
Feb. 9 Tuesday Fiber
Feb. 10 Wednesday Trash, Bulk
Feb. 16 Tuesday Comingled
Feb. 17 Wednesday Trash, Bulk
Feb. 23 Tuesday Fiber
Feb. 24 Wednesday Trash, Bulk, Metal


Mar. 2 Tuesday Comingled
Mar. 3 Wednesday Trash, Bulk
Mar. 9 Tuesday Fiber
Mar. 10 Wednesday Trash, Bulk
Mar. 16 Tuesday Comingled
Mar. 17 Wednesday Trash, Bulk
Mar. 23 Tuesday Fiber
Mar. 24 Wednesday Trash, Bulk
Mar. 30 Tuesday Comingled
Mar. 31 Wednesday Trash, Bulk, Metal


Curbside Brush Pickup

Apr. 6 Tuesday Fiber
Apr. 7 Wednesday Trash, Bulk
Apr. 13 Tuesday Comingled
Apr. 14 Wednesday Trash, Bulk
Apr. 20 Tuesday Fiber
Apr. 21 Wednesday Trash, Bulk
Apr. 27 Tuesday Comingled
Apr. 28 Wednesday Trash, Bulk, Metal


May 4 Tuesday Fiber
May 5 Wednesday Trash, Bulk
May 11 Tuesday Comingled
May 12 Wednesday Trash, Bulk
May 18 Tuesday Fiber
May 19 Wednesday Trash, Bulk
May 25 Tuesday Comingled
May 26 Wednesday Trash, Bulk, Metal


June 1 Tuesday Fiber
June 2 Wednesday Trash, Bulk
June 8 Tuesday Comingled
June 9 Wednesday Trash, Bulk
June 15 Tuesday Fiber
June 16 Wednesday Trash, Bulk
June 22 Tuesday Comingled
June 23 Wednesday Trash, Bulk
June 29 Tuesday Comingled
June 30 Wednesday Trash, Bulk, Metal


July 6 Tuesday Comingled
July 7 Wednesday Trash, Bulk
July 13 Tuesday Fiber
July 14 Wednesday Trash, Bulk
July 20 Tuesday Comingled
July 21 Wednesday Trash, Bulk
July 27 Tuesday Fiber
July 28 Wednesday Trash, Bulk, Metal


Aug. 3 Tuesday Comingled
Aug. 4 Wednesday Trash, Bulk
Aug. 10 Tuesday Fiber
Aug. 11 Wednesday Trash, Bulk
Aug. 17 Tuesday Comingled
Aug. 18 Wednesday Trash, Bulk
Aug. 24 Tuesday Fiber
Aug. 25 Wednesday Trash, Bulk, Metal
Aug. 31 Tuesday Comingled


Sept. 1 Wednesday Trash, Bulk
Sept. 7 Tuesday Fiber
Sept. 8 Wednesday Trash, Bulk
Sept. 14 Tuesday Comingled
Sept. 15 Wednesday Trash, Bulk
Sept. 21 Tuesday Fiber
Sept. 22 Wednesday Trash, Bulk
Sept. 28 Tuesday Comingled
Sept. 29 Wednesday Trash, Bulk, Metal


Curbside Brush Pickup

Oct. 5 Tuesday Fiber
Oct. 6 Wednesday Trash, Bulk
Oct. 12 Tuesday Comingled
Oct. 13 Wednesday Trash, Bulk
Oct. 19 Tuesday Fiber
Oct. 20 Wednesday Trash, Bulk
Oct. 26 Tuesday Comingled
Oct. 27 Wednesday Trash, Bulk, Metal


Curbside Leaf Pickup

Nov. 2 Tuesday Fiber
Nov. 3 Wednesday Trash, Bulk
Nov. 9 Tuesday Comingled
Nov. 10 Wednesday Trash, Bulk
Nov. 16 Tuesday Fiber
Nov. 17 Wednesday Trash, Bulk
Nov. 23 Tuesday Comingled
Nov. 24 Wednesday Trash, Bulk, Metal
Nov. 30 Tuesday Fiber


Dec. 1 Wednesday Trash, Bulk
Dec. 7 Tuesday Comingled
Dec. 8 Wednesday Trash, Bulk
Dec. 14 Tuesday Fiber
Dec. 15 Wednesday Trash, Bulk
Dec. 21 Tuesday Comingled
Dec. 22 Wednesday Trash, Bulk
Dec. 28 Tuesday Fiber
Dec. 29 Wednesday Trash, Bulk, Metal

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