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Sustainable Jersey is a statewide certification program for municipalities that want to go green, save money, and take steps to sustain their quality of life over the long term. Andover Township has joined this initiative and formed a Green Team comprised of volunteer community members. Based on the team’s efforts and a long history of environmental best practices by our township’s administrators, employees, resident,s and volunteers, Andover Township has recently earned a Bronze level certification through Sustainable Jersey. We are looking for more members to help us continue our township-wide initiatives that help create a more environmentally sustainable community for all of our residents to enjoy.


David Kolstad

2024 Sustainable Andover Roster

Class Term Expires Name
Township Committee Liaison 12/31/24 Ellsworth E. Bensley, Jr.
Regular Member – Environmental Commission 12/31/24 Eric Olsen
Regular Member – Environmental Commission 12/31/24 David Kolstad (Chair)
Regular Member – Environmental Commission 12/31/24 Vacant
Regular Member – Open Space 12/31/24 Vacant
Regular Member 12/31/24 Karl Halteman
Regular Member 12/31/24 Eric Derby
Regular Member 12/31/24 Albert Bills
Regular Member 12/31/24 Janis McGovern


Meetings are scheduled for the last Thursday of the month, at 7 PM. Meetings will be held virtually. Meetings are subject to change and notification will be made in advance. Please refer to the Meetings page for the latest meeting information. The public and potential new volunteers/members are welcome to attend.


If you are interested in serving on the Sustainable Andover committee, or would like to support/sponsor Sustainable Andover events and/or initiatives, either as a business or individual, please contact David Kolstad.

Mission Statement

Bringing people, businesses and the community together to develop policies and practices to create a sustainable Andover Township for all to enjoy

Sustainable Andover Publications

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