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The Land Use Board is currently searching for new members

You must be a resident of Andover Township to qualify, and be available to attend meetings twice a month on the first and third Tuesdays. For more information, please contact the Land Use Board Administrator at 973-383-4280, Ext. 322.
Volunteer Application can be downloaded here.

The Land Use Board has the responsibility to guide development in the Township in accordance with the NJ Municipal Land Use Law and other State and local regulations. The Board reviews and grants approvals of applications for subdivisions and site plans and hears appeals and grants variances from a strict application of the Township Zoning Ordinance in particular cases. The Board is responsible for development of the Township Master Plan and for making recommendations to the Town Committee for new ordinances or revisions of existing ordinances.

Office Hours

Monday and Wednesday, 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Tuesday and Thursday, 3:15 PM to 5:15 PM


Stephanie Pizzulo
phone: 973-383-4280 ext 322
fax: 973-383-9977

Land Use Board


Refer to the Meetings Page for the meeting schedule, minutes, and agendas for the most up to date information.
Meetings are scheduled for the first and third Tuesday of the month (excluding June and November) at 7:30 p.m. at the Municipal Building.

2024 Land Use Board Members

Class Term Expires Name
Class I Member–Mayor’s Designee 12/31/24 Michael Lensak
Class II Member–Township Official
Environmental Commission Representative
12/31/24 Eric Olsen
Class III Member–Member of the Township Committee 12/31/24 Eric Karr
Class IV Member 12/31/25 Richard Skewes
Class IV Member 12/31/24 Joseph Ordile
Class IV Member 12/31/26 Suzanne Howell
Class IV Member 12/31/25 John Carafello
Class IV Member - Chair 12/31/24 Paul Messerschmidt
Class IV Member 12/31/26 Krista Gilchrist
Alternate #1 vacant
Alternate #2 12/31/24 Sean Degan
Alternate #3 vacant
Alternate #4 vacant


Redevelopment Study—1045 Limecrest Road

Andover Township releases result of redevelopment study for Block 108, Lot 4.02, Pace Glass, located on Limecrest Road Road. Download Area in Need of Redevelopment Study 18 MB

Land Use Board Recommends Condemnation Redevelopment Area Designation

Andover Township Land Use Board releases recommendation for Block 108, Lot 4.02, Pace Glass, located on Limecrest Road. See Land Use Board Resolution #54

Route 206 Redevelopment Plan

Andover Township releases the amended (June 2023) redevelopment plan for Route 206.
View Redevelopment Plan PDF

Redevelopment Study—US Route 206 and Stickles Pond

Andover Township releases result of redevelopment study for lots located along US Route 206 and Stickles Pond Road. Download Area in Need of Redevelopment Study 10 MB

Redevelopment Study- 99 Mulford Rd.

Woodlands Behavioral and Nursing Center at Andover, 99 Mulford Road, Andover Township, Block 108, Lot 1.05. Download Area in Need of Redevelopment Study (206 page pdf, 12 MB)


Forms can be found on the Forms and Applications page.

Hearing Procedures

Click here for the Andover Township Land Use Board Hearing Procedures.


2023 Open Space Plan - Final

All documents are PDFs and will open in a new window.
Open Space Plan 7MB
Appendix A Public Input Survey Report
Appendix B Open Space Committee Meeting (PDF of Power Point slides) 5MB
Appendix C Community Workshop Summary Report
Appendix D OSP workshop Flyer_updated

2023 Master Plan Reexamination Report
1992 Master Plan Codification
Master Plan Amendment and Fair Share Plan
Housing Plan Element and Fair Share Plan 2008
Amendment 2007 Master Plan Report
2011 Master Plan ReExam Abbey
2011 Master Plan ReExam
2010 Master Plan ReExam
2010 Master Plan Amendment
2007 ReExam Master Plan Dev Reg.


Resolution A-23 Puff City(01/16/24)
A-23-3 Pat Barone Resolution (12/19/23)
2023 Meetings Resolution
A-23-3 Barone Resolution
A-23-5 Steinwand Resolution

Pending Applications

The following are pending application being brought to the Land Use Board. Click on the title to open the document in a new window. Documents larger thatn 5MB are noted.

SeeGull, LLC

1023 Limecrest Road, Block 108, Lot 4.01

County Correspondence Jan 18, 2024
County Correspondence Mar 11, 2024
Facility Operations Summary for Concrete Batch Plant
New Building Plans
Response to Engineering Review Letter
Seegull, LLC Engineering Memo
Septic Permit
Soil Erosion & Sediment Control Plan Application
Stormwater Management Report 1 22MB
Stormwater Management Report 2 and Maps
Traffic Statment 8MB
Waiver Requests
Wetlands Investigation Report

698 US 206 South

698 US 206, Block 158, Lot 1

Application and Site Plan 9MB

Scully, Daniel P.

14 Luchetti Way, Block 119, Lot 8

Certification of Taxes
Cover Letter
Hearing Date Letter (Word doc)
Letter Requesting Hearing Postponment to March 5, 2024
Letter Scheduling Hearing Date
Request Waiver and Explanations
Luchetti Way PVAA ZB submission
AN160 Variance Plan

Andrutchuk, Andre

38 Yates Ave, Block 124, Lot 7

As-Is Layout
Checklist 1
Checklist 7
Property Description
Property Survey
Proposed Front Elevation
Zillow Listing
Zoning Letter

BHT Properties Group

248 Stickles Pond Road; Block 151, Lot 21

BHT Andover Plan Set
02.03.20 Checklist No. 7 BHT Properties Group Andover (1)
Andover NJ Presentation_ (1)
BHT Properties Application
Checklist Waiver Request 2.7.20
Checklist Waiver Request 12.12.19
Completeness Report - BHT Properties Site Plan & Variance (1)
Completeness Review Response 2.9.20
COPART Program Manual (1)
Engineering Review - BHT Properties LLC Site Plan (3)
Environmental Impact Statement Rev 2.7.20
Exhibits from 9.15.20 meeting
Flood Hazard Area Verification Report
Freshwater Wetlands Report 5.5 MB
Hydraulic Data Summary
Program Manual
Stormwater Management Report 15 MB
Video: A Brief Look at Copart, the Online Vehicle Auction Company
Response Letter November 2, 2020
SWM Maintenance Manual
SWM Maintenance Report
Plan Set 11-02-20
Letter March 15 2021
Letter March 16 2021

Received April 2, 2021
SWM Maintenance Report 12MB
Plan Set 47MB
EIS Compiled 7MB
SWM Report Compiled 27MB
Amended Application 447KB
Check List #1: General Requirements 2MB
Stormwater Management Maintenance Manual 90MB
Stormwater Management Report: Part 1 50MB
Stormwater Management Report: Part 2 80MB
Stormwater Management Report: Part 3 54MB
Traffic Impact Study 5MB

Received April 5, 2021
Letter to Matthew J. Morris
Letter to Thomas J. Molica
Letter to Cory Stoner with attachments 97 pages, 20MB
Waivers Requested

Received April 20, 2021
Planning Review
Engineering Review
Attorney letter specifing application is to be considered new not ammended

Received May 6, 2021
2021 Application
Applicant's Attorney Letter to Land Use Board dated April 30, 2021
Applicant's Attorney Letter to Land Use Engineer dated May 6, 2021

Received May 14, 2021
Completeness Memo

Received May 18, 2021
Checklist #7
Attorney Letter to Land Use Board
Attorney Letter to Land Use Board - Checklist#7

Received June 15, 2021
Construction Storage Equipment and Material Presentation

Received July 19, 2021
Andover Township Environmental Commission Report

Received July 22, 2021
Applicant Exhibits 1 to 6 (no A-2)
Applicant Exhibits 8 to 14 (no A-7)

Received October 4, 2021
Prelininary and Final Major Site Plan (Very large file, link goes to Goggle Drive)
Pre-Development Drainage Map
Post-Development Drainage Map
SWM Maintenance Manual - Combined (Very large file, link goes to Goggle Drive)
SWM Report (Very large file, link goes to Goggle Drive)

Received October 18, 2021
Planning Report from Township Engineer
Letter to Molica
Engineer's Memo

Received December 21, 2021
Facility Operators Program Manual

Received February 15, 2022
Exhibits A19-A22

Received March 15, 2022
Andover Plan Set (Combined)(2) Large file; opens Google Drive in a new window
Exhibits A-23 through A-26 16 MB file; opens in a new window
Exhibit A-27

Received April 11, 2022
Covid Adjustment Factors
Letter to Land Use Board Dated April 8, 2022

Received April 14, 2022
Preliminary and Final Site Plan Natural Resources Review 04/13/22

Received April 21, 2022
Objectors represented by The Durkin Firm, LLC

Received June 22, 2022
Exhibit B-2 Equity Environmental Engineering Notice of Comments

Received August 15, 2022
Additional Truck Percentage Data

Received August 17, 2022
Exhibit A-32 - Stipulations to the Board dated 081622
Objector's Exhibit 0-10 Photos of Trucks - dated 081622
Objector's Exhibit 0-11 Photos of Lowboy Trucks - dated 081622
Objector's Exhibit 0-12 Photos of Trucks - dated 081622

Received September 16, 2022
Ecological Report - dated 090822

Received September 21, 2022
Michael Kovacs, PWS Resume

Received October 24, 2022
Environmental Commission Letter of Concerns for BHT Ecological Report

Received November 4, 2022
BHT Subdivision
Ecological Report Review

Received November 9, 2022
Sight Line Exhibit

Received November 14, 2022
Chrysalis Archaeology Phase 1A Report (June 2022) Google doc
Final Phase IB Report (May 2022) 14MB
Letter to Land Use Board Admin 10-27-22
NJ SHPO Approval of Final Phase IB - June 2022

Received December 16, 2022
Letter to Land Use Board with Attachment, dated 12/15/22
Minor Subdivision Engineering Review - BHT Properties LLC Site Plan

Received December 20, 2022
Field Survey

Received January 11, 2023
BHT Andover GW Resource Assessment Summary fnl w attchmnts (17 MB file)

Received January 12, 2023
Stipulations to the Board - dated January 12 2023

Received February 17, 2023
Minor Subdivision Plat
RAO letter with attachments

Received February 21, 2023
Letter to Land Use Board 021623

Received March 21, 2023
Frank Getchell Resume
Preliminary and Final Major Site Plan Large file; opens Google Drive in a new window

Received April 11, 2023
Email from US Fish and Wildlife
Operations Plan Revised - RWT edits 041023

Received April 17, 2023
Letter to Land Use Board
Letter to Chairman Messerschmidt objecting to adjournment request

Received May 17, 2023
Letter to Land Use Board

Received July 13, 2023
Letter to Land Use Board Secretary

Received January 18, 2024
Letter to Land Use Board Secretary

July 20, 2021
October 19, 2021
November 30, 2021
February 15, 2022

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