Land Use Department / Land Use Board

The Land Use Board has the responsibility to guide development in the Township in accordance with the NJ Municipal Land Use Law and other State and local regulations. The Board reviews and grants approvals of applications for subdivisions and site plans and hears appeals and grants variances from a strict application of the Township Zoning Ordinance in particular cases. The Board is responsible for development of the Township Master Plan and for making recommendations to the Town Committee for new ordinances or revisions of existing ordinances.

Office Hours

Monday and Wednesday, 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Tuesday and Thursday, 3:15 PM to 5:15 PM


Stephanie Pizzulo
phone: 973-383-4280 ext 245
fax: 973-383-5039

Land Use Board


Refer to the Meetings Page for the meeting schedule, minutes, and agendas for the most up to date information.
Meetings are scheduled for the first and third Tuesday of the month (excluding June and November) at 7:30 p.m. at the Municipal Building.

2021 Land Use Board Members

Class Term Expires Name
Class I Member–Mayor’s Designee (Mayor) 12/31/21 Janis McGovern
Class II Member–Township Official
Environmental Commission Representative
12/31/21 Eric Olsen
Class III Member–Member of the Township Committee 12/31/21 John Carafello
Class IV Member 12/31/21 Steve Kepreos
Class IV Member 12/31/23 Suzanne Howell
Class IV Member 12/31/21 John O’Connell
Class IV Member 12/31/21 Paul Messerschmidt
Class IV Member 12/31/22 Richard Skewes
Class IV Member 12/31/23 Cece Pattison
Alternate #1 12/31/21 Joseph Ordile, Jr.
Alternate #2 12/31/22 Joseph Tolerico
Alternate #3 12/31/21 Eric Karr
Alternate #4 12/31/22 vacant


None at this time.


Forms can be found on the Forms and Applications page.

Pending Applications

The following are pending application being brought to the Land Use Board. Click on the title to open the document in a new window. Documents larger thatn 5MB are noted.

BHT Properties Group

248 Stickles Pond Road; Block 151, Lot 21

BHT Andover Plan Set
02.03.20 Checklist No. 7 BHT Properties Group Andover (1)
Andover NJ Presentation_ (1)
BHT Properties Application
Checklist Waiver Request 2.7.20
Checklist Waiver Request 12.12.19
Completeness Report - BHT Properties Site Plan & Variance (1)
Completeness Review Response 2.9.20
COPART Program Manual (1)
Engineering Review - BHT Properties LLC Site Plan (3)
Environmental Impact Statement Rev 2.7.20
Exhibits from 9.15.20 meeting
Flood Hazard Area Verification Report
Freshwater Wetlands Report 5.5 MB
Hydraulic Data Summary
Program Manual
Stormwater Management Report 15 MB
Video: A Brief Look at Copart, the Online Vehicle Auction Company
Response Letter November 2, 2020
SWM Maintenance Manual
SWM Maintenance Report
Plan Set 11-02-20

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